PTO/SB/125A 11-08 Approved for use through 11/30/2011. OMB 0651-0035 U.S. Patent and Trademark Office U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Under the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 no persons are required to respond to a collection of information unless it displays a valid OMB control number. Address to Request for Customer Number Mail Stop CN Commissioner for Patents P. O. Box 1450 Alexandria VA 22313-1450 Although the Requester acknowledges that Interne...
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USPTO - What is the United States Patent andTrademark Office USPTO The USPTO is located in Alexandria Virginia near Washingtonand is an agency of the US - Department of Commerce Inventors and companies canprotect their intellectual property by filing patents trademarks and designpatents with the USPTO The Patent Act of 1936 created the first official patentoffice more than fifty years after the first patent was hand signed by GeorgeWashington then President of the USA in 1790 Today the USPTO has more than 12000employees years and handles more than 600000 patent applications and morethan 500000 trademark applications every year In the following I will showyou how you can search for patents You can search for trademarks how youinspector 1954 trademarks and patents and how you can fire patents andtrademarks online on the website of the USPTO so if you want to search forpatents or patents then you can click on Search and then there is prepping for text and image data is thatwould take you to a search different search firms like quick search on thatyou can enter the name of for example the inventors and be sure to use asemicolon and give them the first the last name first so in my case it wouldbe placed in my last name then semicolon and space and then the first name andthen you can click on Search and then you get order patterns that are on firewith a certain inventor so if you want to search for trademarks your howeverover trademarks then you click on searching trademarks then you can go tothe electronic a trademark electronic search system tests and there's alsobasic search interface and you can for example and tire coca-cola and see whichtrademarks are in force or dead involving coca-cola and if you click onone of these you get the full details of this particular trademark so if you wantto know the exact status of a certain trademarks and want to look into theonline fire you can click on any trademark glad you found in your searchand then you can click on TAS Dr which stands for the trademark status anddocument retrieval system and you get the current status of the trademark sothe last date of the statuses december the fifteenth of last year and you canalso look at all documents that were exchanged between the applicant and theoffice so for example they fired a statement of use so the current rate my counsel of theirparticular trade mark is Jessica Lou is and she signed that document she declared made some declarations thattrade magazine use and you can do that for any other document on silent and seewhatever was correspondence between the office and applications of course youcan do the same for patents you have are over companies and then you go to checkapplication status pair and there's a public and then you have to entercapture and then you have to enter any patent number of publication number orwhatever you just have on hand so then you get all the details of thatparticular patent you can look at the application later but you can...